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Contrary to what I actually tell people when they ask me how I'm doing (which is that I'm fine or "yeah, you know"), I've been feeling a bit crappy lately. I'm absolutely tired even though I've been going to bed earlier than usual (and yesterday I had myself a nice nap in the afternoon, after which I felt even worse...) and right now I'm also feeling a bit queasy. Which I don't like at all. Makes me kinda cranky...whiny. Ugh.
I guess I could go to bed, it's already 10 after all. But I really don't want to *facepalm*

Whatever. I'll go put on this face mask thing, go make myself a nice cup of tea and watch some football. Even though Barcelona apparently isn't playing all that well. And then I'll upload some new icons *has a plan* (Also: I love it when a plan comes together XD)

P.S.: Christ! I really need to get myself a new mood theme. I'll get some kind of generic one right away. Anything else is too much work right now.
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Hi! It's been quite a while. But I really don't want to do the whole billion-words-long update thing. Especially since the only really "important" big news is this: I am now studying to become an English and German teacher. It's going to take another 5 years more or less, but I'm pretty happy with it and I'm fairly confident that I'll continue to be happy with it.
In fact, I really don't know why I didn't study English to start with. Because really, I think English is just about the only thing that I've consistently been interested in. Not even other languages such as French, Spanish, German or JAPANESE (which I bleeding studied) can compare. But well, I was quite sure that actually studying English would take all the fun out of it. Which is stupid.

Oh, oh! Awesome thing? At the English department you can actually learn Irish! How cool is that?! I am so going to start learning Irish next semester!

Also, last week or something I started watching Merlin. You know, the BBC version. Which is AWESOME! I love it! Sadly, I've finished watching the first season already and, though there will be a second season, it's not out yet. I'm not sure if they've even started filming yet. But anyway, it's still great. And unless I read something wrong, the third season of Robin Hood's going to start up sometime this month. Which is also great because British English! Because seriously, I need to listen to more British English because I've developed a disturbing tendency to pronounce some words the American way. And although there's mostly nothing wrong with American English, I really prefer the British accent. Also the spelling. And the phonetic writing system (IPA FTW!).

Something else I really kind of want to do is start writing stuff. At some point in time I wrote fanfiction (almost never put online), but I really want to be a bit creative again. It's been so long. Sadly, sadly, sadly I totally lack any kind of idea. Which is why I'm going to try out some kind of challenge thing. In private of course. Unless I actually manage to produce something worth reading XD

I also need a new ringtone for my mobile. Dean Winchester saying "Your phone's ringing. Pick up your phone!" is very cool and also effective, but I'm kind of pining for some music...or something else. Ooooh...how about Monty Python...Brave Sir Robin, anyone? Or Flying Circus. But maybe I'll go back to AC/DC. Anyway, I'll find something, I'm sure.

Also, I really need a new bloody mood theme! I'm getting kind of bored with this one.
And would you look at that? Long entry! So anyway, I think I'll go do something about the ringtone...or the mood theme. Or maybe I'll go find some new icons...
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Ack! It's been a while. So much for writing once a week, eh?
This isn't going to be a long entry either. I just felt like posting something. And, as I bought an awesome little (big) book of limericks last week or something, I'm going to post one. And because I totally don't know if I'm supposed to cite the book, I'm going to do it (I think Uni is stealing my last brain cells...).

There once was a man named McBride
Who jumped down a manhole and died;
He's never been found
In those pipes underground,
And his end was proclaimed "sewer-cide"!

:) This makes me smile *hee*

Rees, Glyn (ed.)
2008 The mammoth book of limericks. London: Robinson.
And because I have no idea how to correctly cite the rest of it, I'll cite it in whatever way I want! (Fuck you, Prof!) This particular limerick is the second one on page 434 and probably by Ogden Nash.
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I'm bored and I want to write something...
Hm...hey, I think I'll tell you about the party thing that I mentioned in my last post.
It was kind of okay actually. At first I felt like...there's this German phrase: bestellt und nicht abgeholt. Translates into: ordered, but not picked up. Kind of. Anyway, I felt pretty ridiculous, standing around, not knowing what to do with myself. But in the end I made some new friends. Which is great because I have to actually speak Japanese now and then lest I forget everything.
Last Tuesday I met with Akiko and we just sat in a café and drank some...what, flavoured warm milk? When I ordered the "White Chocolate" I was under the impression that it was coffee with, I don't know, white chocolate flavour or something. Ah well, it was good anyway and I think it went well. You know, just talking, sometimes in Japanese (mostly, actually) and sometimes in German.

I think that's enough for now. This way, I can complain about uni in another post XD

P.S.: Ooooh...I think I just might change my mood theme now. Awesome, now I have a new way to procrastinate :)
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Notice my witty subject line. Isn't it witty? ... Yeah, I didn't think so either XD

Anyway, bungo (classical Japanese) didn't suck as much as I though it would today. Which is pretty awesome because last time I was feeling quite depressed about having to learn it.

On the other hand, the weather sucks. Again. Only today there's not so much wind, but more rain. *shrugs* Whatever. I can live with that.

But I have to speak to people today...you know, get to know new people. At a kind of party thing I guess. Will probably have to do it in Japanese too. Ach and I'm so not in the mood to talk to anyone today, no matter what language! Well...actual talking, I mean. Obviously I don't mind written talking. Yeah, yeah, you don't have to tell me about my asocial tendencies, I know all about them. XD

I'm in the library again. And I have no idea where to go for lunch today. Altough...hey! I just remembered that I already decided where to go in the morning in the bus! Mmmmm...pancakes...

Oh hey, yesterday I watched a very awesome film. It's called Bon Cop, Bad Cop. Takes place in Canada. And it's about two cops. One from Montréal and one from Toronto. And they have to work together, because there was a murder and the victim was placed on the limes limes limes ah! border! Placed on the border of Québec and Ontario. Feet in Ontario and head in Québec. Anyway, the film is in English and French, which is awesome as long as you have subtitles, because Canadian French? Is strange. At least to my ears. Sometimes it almost sounds like a Viennese trying to speak French XD But the film is great (explosions, fights, humour, slash (at least in my mind XD)). And I learned some new French swear words (like hostie de calice de tabernac), which is awesome because that's the most fun stuff to learn XD *is happy* When I get home today (after hopefully having talked to at least one person) I'll watch it again. *is even happier*
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The plan doesn't have a name (yet?). I'll just call it The Plan for now.
So, The Plan: I'll write at least one entry per week.
I think I might be able to do that. Shouldn't be too difficult. Probably. I think.
Right. So that's it for my Plan. I guess it could be improved upon, only my ability to think is kind of below average right now.

Today sucks. Thursdays generally suck. Unless we don't have classes (for whatever reason).
So classes suck. The weather sucks (it's cold and windy. And the windy occasionally borders on stormy). Class tomorrow will suck too.
I have to wait for another hour till the next class starts. I'm actually in the library trying to find books for the paper I have to write for a seminar DX I'm kind of a bit bored. Maybe even a lot. And not really kind of, but really.
I think you can probably see that I'm slowly going crazy. And have I mentioned my headache yet? Because I have one.
Ugh...I'm too something to write. Not bored. Listless? Lackadaisical? One or both. Maybe more *headdesk*
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Today I had to lead a discussion of a text...Japanese of course. The text. The discussion was in German, thank fuck.
Anyway, I hadn't really read the text, because I'm lazy and an idiot and a lazy idiot. And also not very ambitious apparently.
But, I didn't die, nobody killed me (like the prof or someone) and I'm still alive XD
Only I got a headache. Because no day is complete without the headache. Especially no Thursday (I hate Thursdays!!!). And it was raining...almost the whole day. And at some point my umbrella went kaput. My poor, poor umbrella!

Right. And now I have to go to bed because I have to get up at, what...half 6? Yup...half 6. Ugh!

Also? I want a new mood theme. I think I'll get one tomorrow. Oooh and I might go get my hair cut tomorrow too. We'll see what kind of mood I'm in. And then if there's a spot open XD
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I thought it was about time that I resurfaced in the land of LJ. Don't take me wrong, I've been lurking something serious, reading fanfiction mostly XD, but I've only commented really sparingly. Which kind of makes me feel bad. Also, I'm in a communicating kind of mood :)

So, update time... Yesterday I handed in the research paper for my Bachelor's. I'm kind of nervous about it, but on the other hand I have a kind of good feeling about this paper. Other than that Uni usually kind of sucks, but what can you do *shrugs*

In other news, I've recently watched due South seasons 3 and 4. I used to watch it all the time as a child. I loved it! Even though I can't even remember which seasons I watched. It's such a brilliant show x3 I'm so happy I found it again.
And so I've been reading bunches of dS FFs. Also lovely :) And now I kind of really want to write something myself...only I never have any ideas XD Ah well.

Right. I'll stop now. Gotta go sleep.
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...I had a headache yesterday. We've got beautiful weather today. The sun is shining, it's warm (~28°C) and it's a bit windy (I don't think it's ever not windy here lol).
Heh, my Omi (granny) took my blood pressure today because I was so very dead on my feet. It was a tiny bit low...100. A normal BP is apparently around 120. Whoops. In my defence, I was lying down for a bit before we thought about taking it. But I guess it might have been low regardless. Ah well *shrugs*
Also, fishing all the bloody leaves out of a pool, no matter how small it is (the pool, I mean), is a major pain in the ass. Especially if the majority of the bloody leaves are small and stuck to the bloody floor. Who needs bloody gravity? I don't! At least not while trying to fish the leaves out of the pool... *grumbles*
And I had to water the garden in the morning...and I'll have to do it again in the evening. All because of the bloody weather *grumbles some more* Well, tomorrow, at least, I shouldn't have to again. Hm...where does "right as rain" come from? Does it even make sense? I'll have to look it up... Right as rain... *ponders*
Anyway, I'll go watch Robin Hood now. Or maybe I'll read some fanfic or something. Oh, no, I should write e-mails first. Aww...
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I've got a headache. Again. These last few days I've been getting one every day in the afternoon. I'm starting to get slightly paranoid again. Especially since even Parkemed (pain pills, dammit!) don't seem to be helping anymore. And don't even mention Aspirin to me...I've long since given up on them.
Last time I got a bit paranoid about my headaches, I asked my friend, who has lots of doctors in her family and who's studied medicine for one year herself, about brain tumours. She said brain tumours don't hurt. I'm inclined to believe her. For one, because of all those medically knowledgable people in her family, and for another, because she's prone to getting a bit paranoid herself XD When I talked to my mother, she said that when a brain tumour hurts, you'r at the end of your rope anyway XD That strangely makes me feel better, too. Probably because it means there's no point in going to a doctor lol
Naw, but really, it's probably just the weather. It's being crazy again and it's not even April. It's cloudy, not cold, but strangely warm, you know what I mean...rainy, windy. Headache-inducing.

In other news, I'm thinking about joining the Treat Much Right Campaign. Because, really, Robin can be quite the asshole. As can the others. They should really appreciate him more. And it was mentioned in a fanfic I've read, but Much really is like a mother to them. And he's cute. And he's always so worried! Awwww, Much, we love you!

Also, I'm hungry. *runs off to eat*
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Right. First of all, we (my siblings and me) got a Wii to my birthday. And I got The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. And by the way, can somebody tell me why it's called The Legend of Zelda, when the protagonist's name is actually Link? For the longest time, I thought his name was Zelda XD Anyway, it's really interesting. I haven't played it in a couple of days, though, because first, I had to finish watching The Women's Murder Club. Very brilliant TV series based on a book (or maybe a book series?) by James Petterson, who is also brilliant.

But, I haven't actually finished The Women's Murder Club (I will have to, though, I'm near finished) because of my new obsession: Robin Hood (the BBC version). Which is also brilliant and great and wonderful!

I also have to finish this great game for Nintendo DS that I bought myself some time ago. In Japanese it's called Subarashiki kono sekai, in English/German it's The world ends with you. Yes, the "translation" doesn't make the most sense lol But it's a great game and I really need to finish it. At some point. Maybe once I've finished watching Robin Hood... XD

Hm...I might also get myself a new mood theme soon. And I think I should get started with my del.isio.us page...
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Wowers. I think this qualifies as a rainstorm.
And I think I'll do a real update later on. I'm currently cleaning my room, which is a first for me this year. At least in this magnitude XD
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This week was and will still be brutal. But next week is going to be murder!
We're out of the EM. Bloody Germans won 1:0. They didn't actually play very well though. That goal they shot was a free kick. And is it actually "free kick"?! Leo, my beautiful little online dictionary, said that's what "Freistoß" means, but...it sounds so strange XD

So anyway, both of the hosts (Switzerland and Austria) are out of the EM, both with 1 point each, I think. Although...no, maybe Switzerland has 2...I'm not sure. But we're still better than Greece, who are out with zero points. Which is immensely funny, since Greece was the titleholder lol

And right now Germany is playing Portugal. And I'm pretty sure all us Austrians spontaneously turned into Portugal fans XD But man...3:1 for Germany. I'm pretty much speechless. It's almost ridiculous! And before Ballack shot that last goal, he fouled a Portuguese player, but the goal still counts. I don't know if the foul was even acknowledged by the referee. On the other hand, Portugal shot an offside goal and that one was discounted. I'm telling you, Germany bought all the referees!

What's more important though, is that tomorrow I'll have to write an essay in Japanese and man! I really don't want to! It sucks! And I don't have the time to prepare an essay, so that I just have to copy it, but even if I had the time, I would probably be too lazy XD
And even worse, after that I have to hold a speech. And I haven't finished it yet. I'm currently working on my PowerPoint presentation. And how I mega-loath it!

Sometimes when I walk out of the house on my way to Uni or when I'm already there, I get that really strong feeling that I just want to go home. And sometimes I even get it when I'm still home. And right now? I really want to go home! Even though I actually am home and I don't have to go outside until yesterday around 9:00 a.m. But, god, how I want to go home!

Oh man and next week is the week of academic hell. Exam after exam after exam. And I mega-loath most of those as well. Why can't it just be over? I'll even have two exams the week after and vacation actually starts next Saturday...although...no, I think Monday after next. But those two exams don't matter much. I'm not very worried about them. One will probably be very easy and the other shouldn't be much trouble either. And I really just want passing grades and that's it.

Alright. Enough procrastination. I still wanna go home, though.

YES!!!! Portugal just scored another goal! Come one guys! Another one! Amoi gehts no, amoi gehts no lang!
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Oh boy. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Right. First off: 1:1. But man! *whine* We had soooooooooo many good, wonderful, amazing almost-goals. Dude! *cry* We dominated the first 30 minutes. And then freaking Poland got one itty-bitty chance at a goal and they bloody well scored. *mutters* Goddamn little grrrrr DX
And then later we had some more nice almost-goals. But we just never quite managed a real one. Stupid keeper...Just, argh! (Also, my football-vocabulary is pitiful. I actually had to look up "to score a goal"...man...)

But then in the 93rd minute(!) we got ourselves a penalty kick. And Vastic scored. Atta boy, Ivica! Funny stuff, but Ivica Vastic is the oldest player in the European Championship. And, as far as I know, we still have the youngest team XD

Oh, oh! Want to know something else really interesting? That goal Poland scored? That was actually offside. >_>

Right. And either our commentator is a real optimist, or he likes sarcasm a lot, because this is just about what he said after the game: It's okay, no problem. We still have a chance at the EM. We just have to totally own Germany in the next game.
XD Yeah. Right. Cordoba the second? I'm not so sure we'll be able to do that XD But I think I might just remain optimistic. Yeah. I'll do that. Think positive! lol

But really...this game was one heart attack after another XD
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Okay, it's been a while. And I've got some games on my backlog XD

Right, so first: Portugal - Turkey. Um...Portugal won. Of course. And it was...2:0.

Austria - Croatia. The most important game XD And we lost, of course. But we didn't lose 0:10 like some people feared XD We lost 0:1. Which is actually not that bad. And at the end of the game, we had some good opportunities. We didn't manage to shoot an actual goal, though...sadly. Ah well. 0:1 is not bad. *nods earnestly* XD

Germany - Poland. Germany won 2:0. Both goals by Podolski, whose father is Polish, by the way XD And he almost shot another goal...hattrick would have been something, but hey, I can't cheer Germany on too much XD

Romania - France. 0:0. A boring game. I didn't watch it till the end. I stopped watching in the 75th minute and went off to study instead.

Now, Netherlands - Italy. Netherland is in the lead with 2:0. A beautiful game. The second half just started. But I just made myself a pizza, so I there won't be any live commentary. On thing, though...Italy is the current world champion XD But those two goals were both awesome!
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And it's over. Czech Republic won against Switzerland with 0:1.
Later today Portugal will play Turkey.
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Today's the first day of the European Championship (= Europameisterschaft = EM). The first game is already under way, 67th minute. Switzerland vs. Czech Republic. 0:0. Switzerland's captain Alexander Frei is out of the game with a leg injury. In the first half already. Poor guy just came back with crutches. Don't know anything yet, though...but he might just be out of the EM. Poor guy cried when he walked off the field. I really

GOAL! 0:1 for the Czech Republic! Switzerland was playing the better game till now, though. Anyway...

I really wanted to hug poor Frei. I think he really needed a hug or ten. Aww...

Also, the EM's taking place in Austria (!) and Switzerland. So, of course, Austria gets to play. Our first game's tomorrow. We're playing Croatia. I'm kinda nervous. I'm not sure should I watch the game or shouldn't I... But I'll probably watch it. Oh boy, oh boy...

LOL! Vonlanthen goes on the field to play and promptly gets himself a yellow card XD Awesome haha

Also, I went shopping today with my Mum and my sister. And I got a jean (kneelength woohoo) and a Bugs Bunny T-shirt XD Both found by my sister. Good girl! XD
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Lately, I have been totally taken with the A-Team. Like I've already mentioned, I've bought myself the first season. And then, last Monday I bought the second season. And I've been reading A-Team fanfiction like it's going out of fashion. And that is a sentence I'm lol'ing at a bit, because the A-Team? At least here in Austria it's so far out of fashion my little sister doesn't even know it. Which is something I'll have to rectify.

I've even tried my hand at making icons...I guess they're okay, but I dunno...*shrugs* Maybe I'll even post some of them in that A-Team icons community XD

Oh and last Sunday I finally finished watching the third season of Supernatural. And I think I have a new favourite episode. Ghostfacers! LOL Awesome XD Poor Corbett, though...I really liked that guy. He was really cute. I wonder if there is any Corbett/Ed (it was Ed, right? Not Harry?) fanfiction out there XD

Oooh and I've found an aw-haw-hawesome source for Supernatural icons right here. Oh hey, now I can finally check out the icons for the last few episodes! Woohoo!

Also, the weather is disgusting! Well, okay...I guess it's kind of okay. But it's so hot! And it's not even summer yet! Yesterday we had 28°C at around 15:00. I don't even know how hot it was today...*runs off to check weather on nice little website* Ugh! Another probable 28° for tomorrow. And of course my first class starts right around noon...man! *whine*

Whatever. I'll go take a look at those icons now. And then...hm...I think I'll watch the next A-Team episode. Btw, once I've finished the second season I'll buy myself the third! *is excited* And after that...maybe another one. Or maybe I'll read another fanfic. Maybe another one of the Face/Murdock kind. *wanders off, pondering the F/M*

P.S.: I'm so totally on the retro-trip, I even looked for Golden Girls icons a few days ago XD But really, Sophia is awesome! She's the absolute best!
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I am absolutely tired and sleepy and my eyes are falling shut even as I'm writing this here. So, you may ask, why am I not in bed? Well, the answer is simple. Because it's boring. On the other hand, I haven't got anything very interesting to do either...but I thought I'd update this here lj a bit XD

So. First and most important: The A-Team!!! I bought the first season yesterday. That was the best purchase evar! I finished the season today. Am thinking about buying the second one on Monday. Here's a contra to buying the second season: I'm a bit of a Dagobert Duck. Not when it comes to the amount of money in my bank account (sadly...I wouldn't even think about not buying the A-Team then...), but rather when it comes to my reluctance in spending it. Well...I'm sometimes reluctant XD But then again, it's the A-Team and I don't think I'll be able to resist them. In fact, I think I'm a bit addicted right now XD I even made some icons...only I'm not too sure about them. Although...whatever, right? But I'm too tired to do anything about it today anyway lol

Right...is there even anything else relatively interesting to say? I dunno. Probably not XD So I'll go now...and do something. Maybe find me some fanfics somewhere...
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I'm feeling a bit down today. Tonight. Now, don't ask me why. I think maybe I'm just tired. And I think I might just clean my room tomorrow. I think that might be kind of awesome. At least after I've finished cleaning XD And maybe I'll even answer all those emails and messages and whatever that I haven't answered yet. I think I should do that too. And then I could do my Chinese "homework" and maybe start working on my term paper and study for the kanji exam and the Japanese economy exam and the Japanese history exam and man, now I'm really depressing myself.
I'll just go brush my teeth now.

P.S.: Awesome Bob Kelso icon by [livejournal.com profile] agent00 at [livejournal.com profile] _imaginarium_.