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I can haz icons. Also Danny with his blue tongue &hearts

I've done my hadnout thing. I think it sucks, but whatever. I kind of want to do the speech tomorrow because then it'd be over.

There is a live-action film version of Mulan. I found it in a shop yesterday and had to buy it because I like those Chinese films with lots of fighting. I started watching it today. And now I'm taking a break because that film is so unbelievably sad! The last couple of scenes were horrible. I was sitting there crying my eyes out! The last time I cried like that because of a film I was watching was when I watched Dancer in the Dark.
I'll probably finish Mulan tomorrow probably because it's already kind of late and I'm pretty tired.

I'm hungry again. I'm going to eat something. And I'll post this now before I fill it with more random stuff.
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Lately, I have been totally taken with the A-Team. Like I've already mentioned, I've bought myself the first season. And then, last Monday I bought the second season. And I've been reading A-Team fanfiction like it's going out of fashion. And that is a sentence I'm lol'ing at a bit, because the A-Team? At least here in Austria it's so far out of fashion my little sister doesn't even know it. Which is something I'll have to rectify.

I've even tried my hand at making icons...I guess they're okay, but I dunno...*shrugs* Maybe I'll even post some of them in that A-Team icons community XD

Oh and last Sunday I finally finished watching the third season of Supernatural. And I think I have a new favourite episode. Ghostfacers! LOL Awesome XD Poor Corbett, though...I really liked that guy. He was really cute. I wonder if there is any Corbett/Ed (it was Ed, right? Not Harry?) fanfiction out there XD

Oooh and I've found an aw-haw-hawesome source for Supernatural icons right here. Oh hey, now I can finally check out the icons for the last few episodes! Woohoo!

Also, the weather is disgusting! Well, okay...I guess it's kind of okay. But it's so hot! And it's not even summer yet! Yesterday we had 28°C at around 15:00. I don't even know how hot it was today...*runs off to check weather on nice little website* Ugh! Another probable 28° for tomorrow. And of course my first class starts right around noon...man! *whine*

Whatever. I'll go take a look at those icons now. And then...hm...I think I'll watch the next A-Team episode. Btw, once I've finished the second season I'll buy myself the third! *is excited* And after that...maybe another one. Or maybe I'll read another fanfic. Maybe another one of the Face/Murdock kind. *wanders off, pondering the F/M*

P.S.: I'm so totally on the retro-trip, I even looked for Golden Girls icons a few days ago XD But really, Sophia is awesome! She's the absolute best!
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I'm feeling a bit down today. Tonight. Now, don't ask me why. I think maybe I'm just tired. And I think I might just clean my room tomorrow. I think that might be kind of awesome. At least after I've finished cleaning XD And maybe I'll even answer all those emails and messages and whatever that I haven't answered yet. I think I should do that too. And then I could do my Chinese "homework" and maybe start working on my term paper and study for the kanji exam and the Japanese economy exam and the Japanese history exam and man, now I'm really depressing myself.
I'll just go brush my teeth now.

P.S.: Awesome Bob Kelso icon by [livejournal.com profile] agent00 at [livejournal.com profile] _imaginarium_.
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Yes...I still have exactly zero pages written...zero of at least fifteen. That's not good. Not good at all...but I just can't bring myself to do anything academically productive.

BUT! I have a new mood theme! It's by [livejournal.com profile] enginedriven and it's awesome! Boondock Saints...because last night I watched the film on youtube. And needless to say, I really liked it.

And I've got a few more icons by [livejournal.com profile] atellix. Actually, I got those yesterday...or something, but I can be quite lazy when it comes to posting ...posts. Right. Here, look:

I like the one in the middle best. Because, just...Brucey's look is scary-awesome :)

Hey, you know what's really beautiful? The opening song to the Boondock Saints. It's called "The Blood of Cu Chulainn". There's a video on youtube of the song with a slideshow of lots of beautiful pictures. Why don't you just take a look :)

Oh! Funny stuff, but I stretched my arms today...you know, like you do sometimes. And so I'm stretching my arms, then I finished stretching my arms, sat back up (I leaned back while stretching) and noticed that my neck hurt. You know, side of my neck down to my shoulder. No idea what it's called in English, but it kind of...pulls(?) sometimes. Yeah, stretching's a menace.

Now I'm really kind of tired. Guess I should go to sleep now...maybe get up earlier tomorrow...try to do some actual work...aw man...I'm depressing myself *sighs*

P.S.: Today was the beginning of spring, yeah? So it follows that it snowed, right? Totally normal weather-ly behaviour. Especially seeing as we only had two days of actual snow all winter. Weather's fucked up, man. But whatever...G'night.
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Yes. I mean that.
Watched 2 and 3 yesterday night and this morning respectively. And you know what? I really need to own all the DVDs. I need them like I need...I dunno...water? No, no...Chocolate! I need them like I need chocolate! I really want to watch the fourth one again. But I can't because *points above* I don't actually have it...and I don't really actually have the time anyway (goddamn university!).

But anyway, icons!!! I got some! They were made by [livejournal.com profile] atellix. And I don't really know her, but she's awesome!

Here are the icons I snagged from her:

Sweet, right? Yes, of course they are.
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And now for something completely different...

So, I think the exam on Monday went well enough. Even though I didn't study a lot for it. The one on Tuesday on the other hand, didn't go well at all. In fact, I didn't even hand it in because I put my math knowledge to good use and deducted that I would have too many mistakes for a passing mark. So, therefore, I will have to take the exam again. And study for it this time. Oh! Also, we did not have to translate the text about stereotypes. But the stuff we did have to translate was even worse. Buuuut, well. If it had been just the texts it would have been okay. Oh by the way, I'm studying Japanese Studies. Just to clarif...y(?) stuff. But the kanji (Chinese characters that the Japanese also use) did me in. Of course. I'm not really surprised. But Psych was cool, anyway.

And then, on Wednesday I had the written Chinese exam. To which I was an hour late. Because, yes, wrote down that it started at 13:30, buuuut on Wednesday I was convinced that it didn't start until 14:30. But that's okay. Some other people didn't have time on Wednesday, so the professor allowed us to take the exam on Thursday after the oral exam. Also, one more day to study. Because I'm not sure how well I would have done had I had the exam on Wednesday.

So, the first oral exam on Thursday went great! And the second oral exam, too, even though I had to 2 and a half hours and I had the worst headache (I didn't even try out an aspirin because those never help. Parkemed is usually the way to go, but this headache just. would no. go!). And then there was the written exam and I think I did well enough.

And on Friday I went to the hairdresser's and now I'm happy and my holiday started today. And now I'm going to take a nap and it's beautiful!
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So...I've been thinking...for one, that I should write in this here journal again because, you know, it's been a week or something. And for two, that I might put links to fanfics I like in here because otherwise I'm never going to find them again (which is, of course, an exaggeration, at least I hope it is). And on the other hand it might be interesting to see how many fics I read (in a day) that I really like...though knowing myself like I do, I think there might be days (probably a lot) where I won't post anything...because that's the kind of lazy that I am. But let's just ignore the laziness and pretend that on those days I didn't read a single fanfic and instead studied like a good student. (Yeah, I don't believe myself either)

So anyway...first one in here is this:
Title: Don't Go Mistaking Paradise
Author: __tiana__
It's an RPS fanfic based on a film called "Some Kind Of Wonderful" featuring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. I'm going to put the summary in here too, because I don't usually like going into a fanfic blind (so to say).
Summary: AU. Jensen loves only two things in his life: drumming and his best friend Jared. Unfortunately, Jared, his head buried in his painting and a years old crush on a girl named Sandy, only knows about the drumming.

It's in two parts and I really, really liked it. I'm never quite sure about RP fanfics...but Supernatural kind of pulled me in. But I still prefer SPN fics...here the characters we put in our stories are at least fictional (and I use the "our" loosely...I'm not much of a writer and I've never written SPN). I always feel kind of funny reading RPS because, well, it must be strange enough, if the characters you're playing in a TV show are written about, but yourself? And you know, I could go on, but it would make me feel kind of hypocritical since I'm reading those fics...at least from time to time.

Right-o...I think that's it for now...not much else to say and I haven't had a lot of time to read yet today. So I'll just go back to that now.

Oh and by the way...the userpic? Yes, that's a sunflower in snow. I took the picture on November 11th (and how cool is that?). I love snow. And Sunflowers.


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