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Wow...today sucked. A lot. First of all, the weather was really freaking bad! You know, in the morning it's kind of warm. Was on my way to Uni, got out of the tram. Btw, we Austrians, maybe Viennese only?, also say "tram" to the tram. We also sometimes say tram way. Only we pronounce it differently...kind of like "Trum" (but the "r" is also a bit different) and "Trumveh" or something like that. Anyway, I got out of the tram and it was raining. Of course. At least this time it was cold...not like last time when it was warm even though it was raining >_<

During my lunch break I went looking for a book. I went to three different bookstores. And on Thursday I was in another one. But anyway, three different bookstores and nothing. Well, they had it in German, but come one... So then I went back to Uni. And I got off the tram and guess what. Yes, it was raining again XD
Oh and hey! I almost forgot...but that third bookstore today? It's not there anymore. And I was walking a loooong way and it was doubly for nothing because I'm sure that, even if the bookstore had still been there, they wouldn't have had the book I was looking for.

And then Uni was boring. And then I had to go to the technical(?) university for another course. And then I went to aNOTHER bookstore because I was goddamn desperate. And while I was walking there? Yeah, it started raining again. And I pinched my finger opening my umbrella. And it bled. And it hurt *pouts*
And then they didn't have the book either ;_;

So now I'll order it online. Amazon is my friend. Still...goddamn freaking bookstores!!! Gschissane Sei, olle mitanand! (Yes, bad, bad words in austrian German)

And the book I want? ...I'm almost ashamed, but not really. Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz. 6th, I think, in the Alex Rider series. And yeah, it's about a 14 year old boy, who occasionally works for MI6 XD But come on, if all those people can read about an 11 year old wizard, who repeatedly vanquishes the Evilest and Powerfullest Dark Wizard since, like, Forever, then I can read about a 14 year old, who continually saves England/the World or also USA. You know, Everything. So there XD Hm...could it be I'm feeling a bit bitter from today's ordeal? Possibly.

In other "news". I really like Creedence Clearwater Revival's Fortunate Son. And AC/DC's Hell's Bells, Bad Boy Boogie and some others, but right now I really like those.
I think I rambled enough. And it kind of calmed me down a bit. Although...I was pretty calm to begin with. Well, after I came home and lazed around for a bit XD
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Yes...I still have exactly zero pages written...zero of at least fifteen. That's not good. Not good at all...but I just can't bring myself to do anything academically productive.

BUT! I have a new mood theme! It's by [livejournal.com profile] enginedriven and it's awesome! Boondock Saints...because last night I watched the film on youtube. And needless to say, I really liked it.

And I've got a few more icons by [livejournal.com profile] atellix. Actually, I got those yesterday...or something, but I can be quite lazy when it comes to posting ...posts. Right. Here, look:

I like the one in the middle best. Because, just...Brucey's look is scary-awesome :)

Hey, you know what's really beautiful? The opening song to the Boondock Saints. It's called "The Blood of Cu Chulainn". There's a video on youtube of the song with a slideshow of lots of beautiful pictures. Why don't you just take a look :)

Oh! Funny stuff, but I stretched my arms today...you know, like you do sometimes. And so I'm stretching my arms, then I finished stretching my arms, sat back up (I leaned back while stretching) and noticed that my neck hurt. You know, side of my neck down to my shoulder. No idea what it's called in English, but it kind of...pulls(?) sometimes. Yeah, stretching's a menace.

Now I'm really kind of tired. Guess I should go to sleep now...maybe get up earlier tomorrow...try to do some actual work...aw man...I'm depressing myself *sighs*

P.S.: Today was the beginning of spring, yeah? So it follows that it snowed, right? Totally normal weather-ly behaviour. Especially seeing as we only had two days of actual snow all winter. Weather's fucked up, man. But whatever...G'night.
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Today was a good day.

Thursdays are my Chinese days...meaning that they're full of Chinese classes. And today I had my Chinese mid-terms. And I did really well! Which, of course, made me totally happy. I needed a good scholastic experience...been too long since I had any real fun in my classes. And does anyone else find it kind of...ironic (or just strange) that an exam brings me back my joy in learning? But then again, if you do good in an exam, I guess it's a given that you get motivated again. Anyway, it was really nice...

And now I'm really tired...but I just saw that a story that I've been waiting on has been updated...Well, guess I have no other choice, but to read it :) And then I'm going to bed...I'm already looking forward to it ^^

I feel really lazy right now...

...and I like Jethro Tull. But our football (and I mean that in the British English way) team totally lost today. First half of the game stayed 0-0, but apparently right after the break the others scored a goal. And soon after another two. I don't actually know the end score, since I didn't actually watch the game, but my father did and he told me what happened when I went downstairs. I'm guessing the others scored a few more goals...wouldn't surprise me too much. Ah well. Gotta go read now :)


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