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I've got a headache. Again. These last few days I've been getting one every day in the afternoon. I'm starting to get slightly paranoid again. Especially since even Parkemed (pain pills, dammit!) don't seem to be helping anymore. And don't even mention Aspirin to me...I've long since given up on them.
Last time I got a bit paranoid about my headaches, I asked my friend, who has lots of doctors in her family and who's studied medicine for one year herself, about brain tumours. She said brain tumours don't hurt. I'm inclined to believe her. For one, because of all those medically knowledgable people in her family, and for another, because she's prone to getting a bit paranoid herself XD When I talked to my mother, she said that when a brain tumour hurts, you'r at the end of your rope anyway XD That strangely makes me feel better, too. Probably because it means there's no point in going to a doctor lol
Naw, but really, it's probably just the weather. It's being crazy again and it's not even April. It's cloudy, not cold, but strangely warm, you know what I mean...rainy, windy. Headache-inducing.

In other news, I'm thinking about joining the Treat Much Right Campaign. Because, really, Robin can be quite the asshole. As can the others. They should really appreciate him more. And it was mentioned in a fanfic I've read, but Much really is like a mother to them. And he's cute. And he's always so worried! Awwww, Much, we love you!

Also, I'm hungry. *runs off to eat*


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