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Currently sitting in a university lecture hall, listening to somebody (professor's assisstant kind of thing?) reading the professor's notes. Because the prof is home ill or something. And instead of just putting everything online (with lecture notes, preferably), this girl is reading everything with some very funny pronunciation, e.g. myracles. :)
But seriously, I love Audacity. No note-taking for me :D
Edit: Hm...okay, the prof was at the doctor's, who told her she was about to drop dead (hyperbole lol), and then at the hospital and the people at the hospital told her, no, she's fine actually XD"

And I'm currently windowshopping for tea. Damn you, [livejournal.com profile] swing_set13, for showing me David's Tea! Well, not really, because the tea looks lovely. But, you know, my poor money! And when I get around to actually order loads of stuff, I'll still have to wait 2-8 weeks until it gets here! DX And then my parents or my whole family will mock me because we have so much tea at home and I'm always buying more. But I can live with that :D

I've also recently become addicted to Cabin Pressure, a BBC radio show about a tiny little airline (airdot) and its crew of four. Brilliant and hilarious and I &hearts it forever.

In conclusion:

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Seriously, it's driving me crazy. And, what's even worse, it's not as if it's all that difficult. It's just tedious and, no, yes, it's kind of difficult. See, there's a kind of review about a restaurant, which is written in a deliberately dull and uninformative style so that we, poor students that we are, can spruce it up a bit.
My problem with it is as follows: They say that we should rewrite the review, "keeping the same structure, but informing the reader and making the restaurant, and your description, sound interesting." But "the same structure"? What does that mean? Keep it at four paragraphs? With the same information (only more) in the respective paragraphs? Or keep the sentence structure mostly the same, except add adjectives and stuff? Because I just want to rewrite the whole thing entirely!
So, the thing is, I don't know what the prof wants. If I leave the sentence structure as is and just put more information in there, it might not be interesting enough. It's certainly not satisfying to write. But at the same time, if I change too much, it might be a problem because I was supposed to leave the bloody structure alone.
All in all, I suspect I'm just driving myself pointlessly insane, when I should just be getting on with this thing.

On a different note. I'm bloody exhausted. I don't even know why. Yesterday I slept till 11am and, as far as I can remember, I didn't go to bed very late yesterday. I think. Maybe midnight? Or half past? Or maybe a bit later after all because I wanted to read a chapter of A Study in Scarlet. Which, btw, I shouldn't even be reading because I have to read Moll Flanders and a fuckload of other stuff (books and papers/articles) for uni. Where was I? Right, tired. Maybe it's the weather. Also, it's already getting dark and it's only 4:15pm.

I've recently watched the new-ish BBC Sherlock. I like. A lot. And even more recently, I've spent lots of time reading all the fanfic that's been written for it. I like that a lot too. Time-consuming though.
Anyway, so this whole Sherlock Holmes liking thing is why I'm giving A Study in Scarlet a try. Because I remember reading a Sherlock Holmes story at some point when I was younger. I can't remember which one, I think that it was German and I also think that maybe I didn't finish it because it was all so improbable and I didn't like Sherlock. I mean, seriously, he could devine from seeing the mud on somebody's shoe that he'd been...whereever he had been. That was just too much. I also never liked Hercule Poirot...and the only story I've ever read with him in it, was a Christmas one, I think...or, well, there was some kind of party or something and somebody played a trick on someone and pretended to be dead. I think Poirot was a co-conspirator. Maybe. Anyway, now I wonder, if maybe Holmes and Poirot are kind of similar characters, but I wouldn't know since I never really read any of their stories.
Long story short...I'm giving Doyle the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I'll like Holmes more now. I'm also reading in English now, so that might help.
I wonder if that story really was in German or not...I wish I remembered how old I was.

Okay, enough procrastination, I guess. I'll just keep the sentence structure the same for now and see how that goes. If I decide it sucks (and if I feel ambitious enough), I can always change it around again.
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Okay, see, tomorrow there's an exam I wanted to take. But - most intelligently - I decided to wait with registering for it until I had at least studied a little bit for it. So, naturally, I forgot all about registering. I only remembered, like, ten minutes ago. But the time period for registering is over. Super.

But goddammit, I actually wanted to do this bloody exam! I'll just go there tomorrow anyway and hope that it doesn't matter. It's just a lecture anyway, why should I have to register for that? Stupid uni...

I think fml applies? Or also fuck my brain DX

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I'm trying to study for an exam next Thursday. It's kind of working. But it's also kind of not working. Mostly I feel like I've already done enough for today and I've only been studying for...I don't even know. Not long. 30 minutes maybe? Or maybe even a bit longer! It's just kind of boring. I think I need other music.

Also I've been kind of wanting to try writing fanfiction for Hawaii Five-0. And then I stumbled across [livejournal.com profile] leupagus's promptfest-thing and I was even more . God, it sucks that I can't think of the word I want to use in any of the languages that I know. *headdesk* Anyway. TEMPTED! That's the word I wanted. What does that mean in German...? *leos* Hm...interesting. Seriously, why can't I speak my own bloody mother tongue? I wish I could... Anyway, I actually wrote a couple of haikus because [livejournal.com profile] and_ed wanted somebody to do it and I thought: Ooooh, why not? I think I'll probably go back to [livejournal.com profile] leupagus's post and request a prompt. Provided I can drum up the courage to do so. But it all seems to be very much no-pressure, which is awesome.

Yesterday I introduced a friend to Hawaii Five-0. Before that I had sent her a couple of pictures of Steve, Danny, Chin and Kono and I made her watch the trailer. She had actually said that Steve wasn't really very handsome. But that didn't hold up yesterday. She did say that Chin wasn't all that handsome, which I don't understand at all.

Alright...I think that was enough procrastination for now. I'll try the studying thing again now. See you in 10 minutes XD
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It's always fun holding a speech in German. Especially when, before the class began, I tried to hold a conversation with a friend (also in German) and failed pretty epically. Note that German is my mother tongue. The speech was mostly successful, I think.

On a different note, the weather today is brilliant! I'll have to spend must of the day outside. Blue sky with a couple of clouds for variety's sake and probably 20°C or something. Pretty strange weather for November though, as evidenced by my headache. Also I'm hungry and tired. I think when I get home I'll eat and then I'll go lie down in the backyard somewhere and sleep.

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Yesterday university really fucked me up. But apparently it was just a one day bug so to say. I'm feeling better about uni again. I think I was just seriously bored out of my mind yesterday. Like, literally.

Today I have to write up a handout for a speech that may be 2 minutes long (or longer, if we feel like it). I really don't feel like writing a handout, but well. I'll just throw something together and it'll probably be fine. I shouldn't be making myself crazy anyway because the prof in this class is giving out either 1's or 2's. And she said, you only get a 2 if you're, like, asleep all the time. XD

I think I might take a nap before I start working though. Because I have a headache (again) and I'm hoping it'll be gone by the time I wake up. So yeah, sleep. Sleep is good.
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Hi! It's been quite a while. But I really don't want to do the whole billion-words-long update thing. Especially since the only really "important" big news is this: I am now studying to become an English and German teacher. It's going to take another 5 years more or less, but I'm pretty happy with it and I'm fairly confident that I'll continue to be happy with it.
In fact, I really don't know why I didn't study English to start with. Because really, I think English is just about the only thing that I've consistently been interested in. Not even other languages such as French, Spanish, German or JAPANESE (which I bleeding studied) can compare. But well, I was quite sure that actually studying English would take all the fun out of it. Which is stupid.

Oh, oh! Awesome thing? At the English department you can actually learn Irish! How cool is that?! I am so going to start learning Irish next semester!

Also, last week or something I started watching Merlin. You know, the BBC version. Which is AWESOME! I love it! Sadly, I've finished watching the first season already and, though there will be a second season, it's not out yet. I'm not sure if they've even started filming yet. But anyway, it's still great. And unless I read something wrong, the third season of Robin Hood's going to start up sometime this month. Which is also great because British English! Because seriously, I need to listen to more British English because I've developed a disturbing tendency to pronounce some words the American way. And although there's mostly nothing wrong with American English, I really prefer the British accent. Also the spelling. And the phonetic writing system (IPA FTW!).

Something else I really kind of want to do is start writing stuff. At some point in time I wrote fanfiction (almost never put online), but I really want to be a bit creative again. It's been so long. Sadly, sadly, sadly I totally lack any kind of idea. Which is why I'm going to try out some kind of challenge thing. In private of course. Unless I actually manage to produce something worth reading XD

I also need a new ringtone for my mobile. Dean Winchester saying "Your phone's ringing. Pick up your phone!" is very cool and also effective, but I'm kind of pining for some music...or something else. Ooooh...how about Monty Python...Brave Sir Robin, anyone? Or Flying Circus. But maybe I'll go back to AC/DC. Anyway, I'll find something, I'm sure.

Also, I really need a new bloody mood theme! I'm getting kind of bored with this one.
And would you look at that? Long entry! So anyway, I think I'll go do something about the ringtone...or the mood theme. Or maybe I'll go find some new icons...
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Notice my witty subject line. Isn't it witty? ... Yeah, I didn't think so either XD

Anyway, bungo (classical Japanese) didn't suck as much as I though it would today. Which is pretty awesome because last time I was feeling quite depressed about having to learn it.

On the other hand, the weather sucks. Again. Only today there's not so much wind, but more rain. *shrugs* Whatever. I can live with that.

But I have to speak to people today...you know, get to know new people. At a kind of party thing I guess. Will probably have to do it in Japanese too. Ach and I'm so not in the mood to talk to anyone today, no matter what language! Well...actual talking, I mean. Obviously I don't mind written talking. Yeah, yeah, you don't have to tell me about my asocial tendencies, I know all about them. XD

I'm in the library again. And I have no idea where to go for lunch today. Altough...hey! I just remembered that I already decided where to go in the morning in the bus! Mmmmm...pancakes...

Oh hey, yesterday I watched a very awesome film. It's called Bon Cop, Bad Cop. Takes place in Canada. And it's about two cops. One from Montréal and one from Toronto. And they have to work together, because there was a murder and the victim was placed on the limes limes limes ah! border! Placed on the border of Québec and Ontario. Feet in Ontario and head in Québec. Anyway, the film is in English and French, which is awesome as long as you have subtitles, because Canadian French? Is strange. At least to my ears. Sometimes it almost sounds like a Viennese trying to speak French XD But the film is great (explosions, fights, humour, slash (at least in my mind XD)). And I learned some new French swear words (like hostie de calice de tabernac), which is awesome because that's the most fun stuff to learn XD *is happy* When I get home today (after hopefully having talked to at least one person) I'll watch it again. *is even happier*
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The plan doesn't have a name (yet?). I'll just call it The Plan for now.
So, The Plan: I'll write at least one entry per week.
I think I might be able to do that. Shouldn't be too difficult. Probably. I think.
Right. So that's it for my Plan. I guess it could be improved upon, only my ability to think is kind of below average right now.

Today sucks. Thursdays generally suck. Unless we don't have classes (for whatever reason).
So classes suck. The weather sucks (it's cold and windy. And the windy occasionally borders on stormy). Class tomorrow will suck too.
I have to wait for another hour till the next class starts. I'm actually in the library trying to find books for the paper I have to write for a seminar DX I'm kind of a bit bored. Maybe even a lot. And not really kind of, but really.
I think you can probably see that I'm slowly going crazy. And have I mentioned my headache yet? Because I have one.
Ugh...I'm too something to write. Not bored. Listless? Lackadaisical? One or both. Maybe more *headdesk*
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Today I had to lead a discussion of a text...Japanese of course. The text. The discussion was in German, thank fuck.
Anyway, I hadn't really read the text, because I'm lazy and an idiot and a lazy idiot. And also not very ambitious apparently.
But, I didn't die, nobody killed me (like the prof or someone) and I'm still alive XD
Only I got a headache. Because no day is complete without the headache. Especially no Thursday (I hate Thursdays!!!). And it was raining...almost the whole day. And at some point my umbrella went kaput. My poor, poor umbrella!

Right. And now I have to go to bed because I have to get up at, what...half 6? Yup...half 6. Ugh!

Also? I want a new mood theme. I think I'll get one tomorrow. Oooh and I might go get my hair cut tomorrow too. We'll see what kind of mood I'm in. And then if there's a spot open XD
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I thought it was about time that I resurfaced in the land of LJ. Don't take me wrong, I've been lurking something serious, reading fanfiction mostly XD, but I've only commented really sparingly. Which kind of makes me feel bad. Also, I'm in a communicating kind of mood :)

So, update time... Yesterday I handed in the research paper for my Bachelor's. I'm kind of nervous about it, but on the other hand I have a kind of good feeling about this paper. Other than that Uni usually kind of sucks, but what can you do *shrugs*

In other news, I've recently watched due South seasons 3 and 4. I used to watch it all the time as a child. I loved it! Even though I can't even remember which seasons I watched. It's such a brilliant show x3 I'm so happy I found it again.
And so I've been reading bunches of dS FFs. Also lovely :) And now I kind of really want to write something myself...only I never have any ideas XD Ah well.

Right. I'll stop now. Gotta go sleep.
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This week was and will still be brutal. But next week is going to be murder!
We're out of the EM. Bloody Germans won 1:0. They didn't actually play very well though. That goal they shot was a free kick. And is it actually "free kick"?! Leo, my beautiful little online dictionary, said that's what "Freistoß" means, but...it sounds so strange XD

So anyway, both of the hosts (Switzerland and Austria) are out of the EM, both with 1 point each, I think. Although...no, maybe Switzerland has 2...I'm not sure. But we're still better than Greece, who are out with zero points. Which is immensely funny, since Greece was the titleholder lol

And right now Germany is playing Portugal. And I'm pretty sure all us Austrians spontaneously turned into Portugal fans XD But man...3:1 for Germany. I'm pretty much speechless. It's almost ridiculous! And before Ballack shot that last goal, he fouled a Portuguese player, but the goal still counts. I don't know if the foul was even acknowledged by the referee. On the other hand, Portugal shot an offside goal and that one was discounted. I'm telling you, Germany bought all the referees!

What's more important though, is that tomorrow I'll have to write an essay in Japanese and man! I really don't want to! It sucks! And I don't have the time to prepare an essay, so that I just have to copy it, but even if I had the time, I would probably be too lazy XD
And even worse, after that I have to hold a speech. And I haven't finished it yet. I'm currently working on my PowerPoint presentation. And how I mega-loath it!

Sometimes when I walk out of the house on my way to Uni or when I'm already there, I get that really strong feeling that I just want to go home. And sometimes I even get it when I'm still home. And right now? I really want to go home! Even though I actually am home and I don't have to go outside until yesterday around 9:00 a.m. But, god, how I want to go home!

Oh man and next week is the week of academic hell. Exam after exam after exam. And I mega-loath most of those as well. Why can't it just be over? I'll even have two exams the week after and vacation actually starts next Saturday...although...no, I think Monday after next. But those two exams don't matter much. I'm not very worried about them. One will probably be very easy and the other shouldn't be much trouble either. And I really just want passing grades and that's it.

Alright. Enough procrastination. I still wanna go home, though.

YES!!!! Portugal just scored another goal! Come one guys! Another one! Amoi gehts no, amoi gehts no lang!
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Look! I have a new journal theme! Yaaay! :)
And also: Yaaay! I did the tag-thing! XD See, this makes me feel happier.
Now I think I'll take a break from taking a break from uni and I'll study a bit. Cause I'm feeling a bit motivated right now, which doesn't happen often, so: Woohoo! *goes off to study*
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Wow...today sucked. A lot. First of all, the weather was really freaking bad! You know, in the morning it's kind of warm. Was on my way to Uni, got out of the tram. Btw, we Austrians, maybe Viennese only?, also say "tram" to the tram. We also sometimes say tram way. Only we pronounce it differently...kind of like "Trum" (but the "r" is also a bit different) and "Trumveh" or something like that. Anyway, I got out of the tram and it was raining. Of course. At least this time it was cold...not like last time when it was warm even though it was raining >_<

During my lunch break I went looking for a book. I went to three different bookstores. And on Thursday I was in another one. But anyway, three different bookstores and nothing. Well, they had it in German, but come one... So then I went back to Uni. And I got off the tram and guess what. Yes, it was raining again XD
Oh and hey! I almost forgot...but that third bookstore today? It's not there anymore. And I was walking a loooong way and it was doubly for nothing because I'm sure that, even if the bookstore had still been there, they wouldn't have had the book I was looking for.

And then Uni was boring. And then I had to go to the technical(?) university for another course. And then I went to aNOTHER bookstore because I was goddamn desperate. And while I was walking there? Yeah, it started raining again. And I pinched my finger opening my umbrella. And it bled. And it hurt *pouts*
And then they didn't have the book either ;_;

So now I'll order it online. Amazon is my friend. Still...goddamn freaking bookstores!!! Gschissane Sei, olle mitanand! (Yes, bad, bad words in austrian German)

And the book I want? ...I'm almost ashamed, but not really. Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz. 6th, I think, in the Alex Rider series. And yeah, it's about a 14 year old boy, who occasionally works for MI6 XD But come on, if all those people can read about an 11 year old wizard, who repeatedly vanquishes the Evilest and Powerfullest Dark Wizard since, like, Forever, then I can read about a 14 year old, who continually saves England/the World or also USA. You know, Everything. So there XD Hm...could it be I'm feeling a bit bitter from today's ordeal? Possibly.

In other "news". I really like Creedence Clearwater Revival's Fortunate Son. And AC/DC's Hell's Bells, Bad Boy Boogie and some others, but right now I really like those.
I think I rambled enough. And it kind of calmed me down a bit. Although...I was pretty calm to begin with. Well, after I came home and lazed around for a bit XD
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I feel like I just jumped out of a moving car to kill a helicopter with it. Well...not really, but my head hurts and my back hurts and, just, ow! (My neck hurts too, btw)

BUT. Bu-hu-hut...(are you curious yet?) I finished my term paper and it's finished and done and ovar! YES!!! And me? I'm finished too. Done. And ovar. I'm practically an ex-faustaufsaug.

I'll just go fall off my chair now and then I'll go to sleep right there on the floor. See ya *slide-thud*
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Hee! I just saw a trailer for The Day After Tomorrow on TV and I lol'd lots-ly. Because, hey, weird weather? End of the world stuff? Yeah...must be demon army on the loose somewhere XD

Other than that, Uni still sucks. But while not working and desperately trying to find the motivation to work I discovered that I really do want to learn Irish and I also kind of want to learn to sing...well, I know how to sing, of course, but I kind of want to learn with an actual teacher.

And I think I'm going to stay home on Monday. Because apparently we have homework due on Monday and I'm preeeetty sure I won't be doing it. It's a pity, but I think Uni will have to survive a day without me XD
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Yeah...apparently I can't tell the time when it's the middle of the night (sometimes not even when it's the middle of the day...if I hadn't written down the train schedule in the morning I probably would have been late to my exam today).

So. In actual fact, it was half past fucking three in the middle of the fucking night. Which doesn't make it better at all.
Had to get up to sign up for a date for the ...speech about my bachelor's thesis (or whatever...Bakkalaureatsarbeit). You know, the one for which I didn't even have a theme yet until late night yesterday.

Also, Chinese classes kind of suck...Thursdays kind of suck, actually. 1 and a half hours of Chinese, three hours of waiting and then another one and a half hours of Chinese and I come home (when I'm lucky) half past 8 in the evening (of course). And if I'm unlucky a whole hour later (fucking train...). And getting up in the middle of the night for a fucking speech sign-up? When I have an exam at 10 in the morning the next day? Yeah...that doesn't make me happy at all. I was in the worst mood...you might have noticed if you've seen the middle-of-the-night-post.

And what's even better, is that I still have to write the paper for the seminar from last semester and I only have two weeks to do it...and I have to learning all those fucking kanji (and for those who don't know, those are the chinese characters used in japanese language).

Right. I'mma go now. Hungry.
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I fucking hate uni.
Might elaborate tomorrow.
Half past fucking four in the middle of the fucking night.

Good night.
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Don't actually have anything to say, but...well, it's been kind of a long while, huh?

So, last week uni started up again. I'm weirdly motivated for some stuff...like my Japanese language courses...a little bit for Chinese...even the japanese history stuff. Kind of. I even took notes the last time! On the other hand, I'm not at all motivated for the term paper that I have to write...or the one that I'll have to write for this semester. But, man! After this semester I could have my Bachelor's degree all finished. That would be soooo beautiful! I'll just have to think positive thoughts, yeah? That way I'll hopefully make it through this semester intact. :)

Also, I've got an exam next Friday that I should probably study for a bit. At least look through the script...or even just the PowerPoint slides...I think they should be online.

Aww shit...I wanted to prepare for class on Tuesday, but now it's so late...well, not really. It's just 18:00...but, well, it's dark! And I really don't wanna. I'll just do it tomorrow.

Oh and you know what? I need more Holy Grail icons. Might just do something about that now...or later. ^^
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And now for something completely different...

So, I think the exam on Monday went well enough. Even though I didn't study a lot for it. The one on Tuesday on the other hand, didn't go well at all. In fact, I didn't even hand it in because I put my math knowledge to good use and deducted that I would have too many mistakes for a passing mark. So, therefore, I will have to take the exam again. And study for it this time. Oh! Also, we did not have to translate the text about stereotypes. But the stuff we did have to translate was even worse. Buuuut, well. If it had been just the texts it would have been okay. Oh by the way, I'm studying Japanese Studies. Just to clarif...y(?) stuff. But the kanji (Chinese characters that the Japanese also use) did me in. Of course. I'm not really surprised. But Psych was cool, anyway.

And then, on Wednesday I had the written Chinese exam. To which I was an hour late. Because, yes, wrote down that it started at 13:30, buuuut on Wednesday I was convinced that it didn't start until 14:30. But that's okay. Some other people didn't have time on Wednesday, so the professor allowed us to take the exam on Thursday after the oral exam. Also, one more day to study. Because I'm not sure how well I would have done had I had the exam on Wednesday.

So, the first oral exam on Thursday went great! And the second oral exam, too, even though I had to 2 and a half hours and I had the worst headache (I didn't even try out an aspirin because those never help. Parkemed is usually the way to go, but this headache just. would no. go!). And then there was the written exam and I think I did well enough.

And on Friday I went to the hairdresser's and now I'm happy and my holiday started today. And now I'm going to take a nap and it's beautiful!