Nov. 4th, 2010

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Yesterday university really fucked me up. But apparently it was just a one day bug so to say. I'm feeling better about uni again. I think I was just seriously bored out of my mind yesterday. Like, literally.

Today I have to write up a handout for a speech that may be 2 minutes long (or longer, if we feel like it). I really don't feel like writing a handout, but well. I'll just throw something together and it'll probably be fine. I shouldn't be making myself crazy anyway because the prof in this class is giving out either 1's or 2's. And she said, you only get a 2 if you're, like, asleep all the time. XD

I think I might take a nap before I start working though. Because I have a headache (again) and I'm hoping it'll be gone by the time I wake up. So yeah, sleep. Sleep is good.
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I can haz icons. Also Danny with his blue tongue &hearts

I've done my hadnout thing. I think it sucks, but whatever. I kind of want to do the speech tomorrow because then it'd be over.

There is a live-action film version of Mulan. I found it in a shop yesterday and had to buy it because I like those Chinese films with lots of fighting. I started watching it today. And now I'm taking a break because that film is so unbelievably sad! The last couple of scenes were horrible. I was sitting there crying my eyes out! The last time I cried like that because of a film I was watching was when I watched Dancer in the Dark.
I'll probably finish Mulan tomorrow probably because it's already kind of late and I'm pretty tired.

I'm hungry again. I'm going to eat something. And I'll post this now before I fill it with more random stuff.


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