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I just watched 5x08 Changing Channels. It is so awesome!

Knight Rider!!! That was the best part of all! Although the rest was nice too, but seriously, in the Impala, when Sam spoke but was nowhere to be seen? Oh man, I had a hard time not squeeing aloud. And right now it's the middle of the night, so, you know, I actually had to restrain myself. But if I'd been watching at a reasonable hour? I'd have been squeeing so hard!

Haha, and Deans little mancrush on Dr. Sexy? Cute.

And the police procedural was CSI Miami, right? I mean, the sunglasses, the hands-on-hips, the body language. That's pretty much Horatio, right? Only I don't watch CSI in general and CSI Miami in particular because the acting's so over-the-top. Actually, the colours are too bright too. Drives me crazy. But the parody? Lovely! My little brother does a good Horatio, too, as does my little sister actually. She actually did a sketch once in school where there was a murder and there were the ususal CSI guys and she was their boss and she played him the boss à la Horatio. (That's interesting. Assigning the boss of a team of CSIs a gender like that. I didn't even notice. I wonder if I wrote it like that because I was thinking about Horatio...)

And I really liked the trickster being Gabriel. Interesting twist. And I kind of liked him so I'm glad he's not just dead :)

Oooh and the Japanese game show. That would have been interesting for my class on the representation of Japan in Western popular culture. But I think, wow, that was last winter semester. Dude, time flies!

You know what would have been an awesome crossover too for the TV shows? MacGyver. Or the A-Team. Or how about Due South *hee* XD Impala as Dief?

Anyway, I need to go to bed. Or watch the next episode. One of the two. Or both, actually XD


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