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Currently sitting in a university lecture hall, listening to somebody (professor's assisstant kind of thing?) reading the professor's notes. Because the prof is home ill or something. And instead of just putting everything online (with lecture notes, preferably), this girl is reading everything with some very funny pronunciation, e.g. myracles. :)
But seriously, I love Audacity. No note-taking for me :D
Edit: Hm...okay, the prof was at the doctor's, who told her she was about to drop dead (hyperbole lol), and then at the hospital and the people at the hospital told her, no, she's fine actually XD"

And I'm currently windowshopping for tea. Damn you, [livejournal.com profile] swing_set13, for showing me David's Tea! Well, not really, because the tea looks lovely. But, you know, my poor money! And when I get around to actually order loads of stuff, I'll still have to wait 2-8 weeks until it gets here! DX And then my parents or my whole family will mock me because we have so much tea at home and I'm always buying more. But I can live with that :D

I've also recently become addicted to Cabin Pressure, a BBC radio show about a tiny little airline (airdot) and its crew of four. Brilliant and hilarious and I &hearts it forever.

In conclusion:

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I just went for a walk. Everything is white! It's cold! It's SNOWING &hearts
Sadly, the snow's a bit wet, so...you know, not real snow. Or yes, real snow, but not cool snow where the flakes float down and stuff. But still :D

Buuut. Apparently it's supposed to rain tomorrow. WTF, weather? Don't rain!
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My mother's making me correct some of her English tests. I'm a poor girl. Especially considering what some people write. But, well, I haven't had a really bad one yet. I'm hoping that she kept the bad ones for herself XD

Also, I got a couple of my friends hooked on H50 and the BBC Sherlock :D Always fun :3
Also also, I think I'm going to give Doctor Who another try.

Vitally important LJ entry is over. Getting back to the tests now...
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I had a kind of weird dream today. Or, you know, last night.
Anyway, I was at the English Department on campus and I did something there, I can't remember...I probably talked with somebody about something. And then suddenly I was in the main building of the university, walking down one of the many, many staircases there. And for some reason people were throwing a ball around. And one guy threw it at me/in my direction. I have no idea what happened with the ball, but the guy started to talk to me. In Spanish. And I actually answered in Spanish. But I distinctly remember saying "quoi" instead of "qué", which I do in real life too, because Spanish and French is forever mixed up in my head.
I've never dreamed in Spanish before. Seriously strange.

Today was a headache day. When I came home tonight I put on my sunglasses. My family laughed at me, as they are wont to do XD, but it worked :D It's coming back now though. I should just go to sleep now. It's already midnight anyway. But I don't want to *is a child*
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Seriously, it's driving me crazy. And, what's even worse, it's not as if it's all that difficult. It's just tedious and, no, yes, it's kind of difficult. See, there's a kind of review about a restaurant, which is written in a deliberately dull and uninformative style so that we, poor students that we are, can spruce it up a bit.
My problem with it is as follows: They say that we should rewrite the review, "keeping the same structure, but informing the reader and making the restaurant, and your description, sound interesting." But "the same structure"? What does that mean? Keep it at four paragraphs? With the same information (only more) in the respective paragraphs? Or keep the sentence structure mostly the same, except add adjectives and stuff? Because I just want to rewrite the whole thing entirely!
So, the thing is, I don't know what the prof wants. If I leave the sentence structure as is and just put more information in there, it might not be interesting enough. It's certainly not satisfying to write. But at the same time, if I change too much, it might be a problem because I was supposed to leave the bloody structure alone.
All in all, I suspect I'm just driving myself pointlessly insane, when I should just be getting on with this thing.

On a different note. I'm bloody exhausted. I don't even know why. Yesterday I slept till 11am and, as far as I can remember, I didn't go to bed very late yesterday. I think. Maybe midnight? Or half past? Or maybe a bit later after all because I wanted to read a chapter of A Study in Scarlet. Which, btw, I shouldn't even be reading because I have to read Moll Flanders and a fuckload of other stuff (books and papers/articles) for uni. Where was I? Right, tired. Maybe it's the weather. Also, it's already getting dark and it's only 4:15pm.

I've recently watched the new-ish BBC Sherlock. I like. A lot. And even more recently, I've spent lots of time reading all the fanfic that's been written for it. I like that a lot too. Time-consuming though.
Anyway, so this whole Sherlock Holmes liking thing is why I'm giving A Study in Scarlet a try. Because I remember reading a Sherlock Holmes story at some point when I was younger. I can't remember which one, I think that it was German and I also think that maybe I didn't finish it because it was all so improbable and I didn't like Sherlock. I mean, seriously, he could devine from seeing the mud on somebody's shoe that he'd been...whereever he had been. That was just too much. I also never liked Hercule Poirot...and the only story I've ever read with him in it, was a Christmas one, I think...or, well, there was some kind of party or something and somebody played a trick on someone and pretended to be dead. I think Poirot was a co-conspirator. Maybe. Anyway, now I wonder, if maybe Holmes and Poirot are kind of similar characters, but I wouldn't know since I never really read any of their stories.
Long story short...I'm giving Doyle the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I'll like Holmes more now. I'm also reading in English now, so that might help.
I wonder if that story really was in German or not...I wish I remembered how old I was.

Okay, enough procrastination, I guess. I'll just keep the sentence structure the same for now and see how that goes. If I decide it sucks (and if I feel ambitious enough), I can always change it around again.
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Okay, see, tomorrow there's an exam I wanted to take. But - most intelligently - I decided to wait with registering for it until I had at least studied a little bit for it. So, naturally, I forgot all about registering. I only remembered, like, ten minutes ago. But the time period for registering is over. Super.

But goddammit, I actually wanted to do this bloody exam! I'll just go there tomorrow anyway and hope that it doesn't matter. It's just a lecture anyway, why should I have to register for that? Stupid uni...

I think fml applies? Or also fuck my brain DX

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I'm trying to study for an exam next Thursday. It's kind of working. But it's also kind of not working. Mostly I feel like I've already done enough for today and I've only been studying for...I don't even know. Not long. 30 minutes maybe? Or maybe even a bit longer! It's just kind of boring. I think I need other music.

Also I've been kind of wanting to try writing fanfiction for Hawaii Five-0. And then I stumbled across [livejournal.com profile] leupagus's promptfest-thing and I was even more . God, it sucks that I can't think of the word I want to use in any of the languages that I know. *headdesk* Anyway. TEMPTED! That's the word I wanted. What does that mean in German...? *leos* Hm...interesting. Seriously, why can't I speak my own bloody mother tongue? I wish I could... Anyway, I actually wrote a couple of haikus because [livejournal.com profile] and_ed wanted somebody to do it and I thought: Ooooh, why not? I think I'll probably go back to [livejournal.com profile] leupagus's post and request a prompt. Provided I can drum up the courage to do so. But it all seems to be very much no-pressure, which is awesome.

Yesterday I introduced a friend to Hawaii Five-0. Before that I had sent her a couple of pictures of Steve, Danny, Chin and Kono and I made her watch the trailer. She had actually said that Steve wasn't really very handsome. But that didn't hold up yesterday. She did say that Chin wasn't all that handsome, which I don't understand at all.

Alright...I think that was enough procrastination for now. I'll try the studying thing again now. See you in 10 minutes XD
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cut for excessive whining )

Actually, the day started pretty awesomely. I didn't have to run to catch my train. That hasn't happened to me often lately. In fact, it's been the exception to the rule. I blame the trains and their excessive punctuality. I'm just not used to it.

In other news, I've decided that I need to watch Community.
In other other (old) news, I don't even know what I'm trying to write here. I actually don't have anything to talk about. Other than university which is just a whine-fest, seriously. Well, have a comic, I guess.

Ooooh...and I'll continue to wait around in this wonderful café here and then I'll go buy myself some awesome sweets! Reese's Pieces and whatever else jumps out at me &hearts
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It's always fun holding a speech in German. Especially when, before the class began, I tried to hold a conversation with a friend (also in German) and failed pretty epically. Note that German is my mother tongue. The speech was mostly successful, I think.

On a different note, the weather today is brilliant! I'll have to spend must of the day outside. Blue sky with a couple of clouds for variety's sake and probably 20°C or something. Pretty strange weather for November though, as evidenced by my headache. Also I'm hungry and tired. I think when I get home I'll eat and then I'll go lie down in the backyard somewhere and sleep.

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I can haz icons. Also Danny with his blue tongue &hearts

I've done my hadnout thing. I think it sucks, but whatever. I kind of want to do the speech tomorrow because then it'd be over.

There is a live-action film version of Mulan. I found it in a shop yesterday and had to buy it because I like those Chinese films with lots of fighting. I started watching it today. And now I'm taking a break because that film is so unbelievably sad! The last couple of scenes were horrible. I was sitting there crying my eyes out! The last time I cried like that because of a film I was watching was when I watched Dancer in the Dark.
I'll probably finish Mulan tomorrow probably because it's already kind of late and I'm pretty tired.

I'm hungry again. I'm going to eat something. And I'll post this now before I fill it with more random stuff.
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Yesterday university really fucked me up. But apparently it was just a one day bug so to say. I'm feeling better about uni again. I think I was just seriously bored out of my mind yesterday. Like, literally.

Today I have to write up a handout for a speech that may be 2 minutes long (or longer, if we feel like it). I really don't feel like writing a handout, but well. I'll just throw something together and it'll probably be fine. I shouldn't be making myself crazy anyway because the prof in this class is giving out either 1's or 2's. And she said, you only get a 2 if you're, like, asleep all the time. XD

I think I might take a nap before I start working though. Because I have a headache (again) and I'm hoping it'll be gone by the time I wake up. So yeah, sleep. Sleep is good.
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Why are subjects always so hard to come up with? Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway. I'm on my way home from my French classes right now. They were both pretty good. Although we were a bit slower than I thought we would be. But that's okay. As long as everybody gets what we're doing...
But we had some fun too, which is great. Speaking in a higher register is always good for a few laughs :D
What I find difficult is knowing how much homework to give. But well, they're all adults. If it really is too much, they'll either tell me so or not do it. I won't worry about it for now.

On an entirely unrelated note: I want to be home already because I want to watch the Hawaii Five-0 preview already! And then I want there to be more fic already too!

But first I'm going to eat something and maybe complain to somebody about my backache XD HUNGRY

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You know what? I can't quite remember why I "called" my journal "forkful of honey". I think maybe I tried to eat honey with a fork at some point. And it may have struck me as funny. Don't ask me why I used a fork though because a) I can't remember and 2) ... there is no 2). I just really can't remember. Maybe I found a fork lying around somewhere and couldn't be bothered getting a spoon instead.

Also? Don't ask me why I'm writing this entry right now because it is beyond pointless. Basically, my Internet is slow as fuck and I don't know why. If it weren't I would be watching a couple more youtube videos right now even though I should probably go to bed so that I can actually get up tomorrow morning.

Oh hey...I think my something year LJ anniversary is coming up. Because I remember writing my first entry on Halloween. I can also vaguely recall saying something like this before, so maybe it's my three year anniversary? It's possible. God, sometimes I wish my memory weren't so filled with holes. Unfilled with holes?
Never mind. Sleep now. Good night!

P.S.: Halloween party tomorrow. Don't know what to wear. Possible costume: responsible adult/teacher. Other than that: black clothes. Wow, my creative genius knows no bounds. Or also: private eye.
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Season 1 episode Holiday in the Hills:

Face: Uh, Murdock? What's gonna happen?
Murdock: It looks like we gonna crash.
Face: No, come on, really. What's gonna happen?
Murdock: It looks like we gonna crash and die.

Murdock: This thing's got the glide characteristics of a free-falling safe.

Murdock: Ladies and gentlemen, that concludes your flight. Thank you for flying Miracle Airlines, the only airline where Lady Luck is your co-pilot.

Murdock: I simply relocated the aircraft with extreme prejudice because of a total loss of thrust and lift functions!


Dec. 16th, 2009 03:55 pm
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My mum woke me up in the morning today even though I could've slept till noon. And you know why she did it? Because it was snowing! That's really funny for some reason. But also awesome because snow if made of win! I so so hope it'll keep snowing lots and lots this winter!
And now I think I have to go for a walk before all this beautiful snow melts away *knocks on wood*
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Did anyone else notice the reference to Monty Python's Argument Clinic in the latest House episode? Because that was awesome! Although I guess this one is relatively obscure...still. It made me happy :)
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I'm starting to feel kind of down again. Happens every other day. Mostly because I really don't like uni anymore, I guess. I should just go to sleep because, you know, sleep = not thinking = not feeling down. I should at least go get ready for bed because then I can just fall into bed when I don't feel like staying up anymore. Meh.

spoilers for SPN5x10 )

Anyway, off to bed now.
Good night, sleep tight and all that jazz.

Edit: Okay, so I just found out that the next episode of SPN will be on January 14 21 (damn it). WTF? What am I supposed to watch until January? No Leverage, no Psych. Guess I'll watch White Collar...haven't seen the last couple of episodes yet anyway. Still...sucks.
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I just watched 5x08 Changing Channels. It is so awesome!

cut b/c it's spoilery )

Anyway, I need to go to bed. Or watch the next episode. One of the two. Or both, actually XD
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Website streaming football matches: rojadirecta
In different languages. How awesome is that?

Also, Rapid is so bloody awesome! First goal against Celtic Glasgow in the 3rd minute! I love Rapid <3

Edit: Dammit! 1:1 about 20 mins later... ;o;
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No whining today!
Yesterday, my brother came back home for a visit because of Mother's Day and (mostly) my father's birthday. So this is awesome.
What makes it even better, is that the weather is beautiful! Sunny, warm bordering on hot... Lovely.

And look! I have new icons. This one is just one of them. I love them.

Also, my friend from uni introduced me to Jeeves & Wooster. How very brilliant! And right now I'm fighting the continuing urge to write like they speak XD
Sadly, she could only lend me the first episode (at least for now). Apparently The Daily Telegraph sold their paper along with a different episode of Jeeves & Wooster for a week.