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I'm starting to feel kind of down again. Happens every other day. Mostly because I really don't like uni anymore, I guess. I should just go to sleep because, you know, sleep = not thinking = not feeling down. I should at least go get ready for bed because then I can just fall into bed when I don't feel like staying up anymore. Meh.

Also, the episode kind of sucked. A lot. They killed Ellen! Those bastards. Also Jo. Which sucks too. Because seriously, Ellen and Jo? Come on! They were so cool! I loved Ellen!
But hey...Mark Sheppard. He's everywhere lately. At least that's the way it seems to me. I guess I'm just a little behind in watching stuff...Leverage, White Collar, Firefly and now Supernatural. It's kind of lovely :)
And of course there was loads of other stuff that was awesome, too. There always is. I'm just sad about Ellen and Jo. And why did they burn the photo at the end there? Wouldn't they want to keep it? I would. Ah, whatever. Looking forward to the next episode at any rate. But hey, Bobby's going to survive this, right? Because, I mean, Ellen is one thing, but Bobby? No way can they kill him off.

Anyway, off to bed now.
Good night, sleep tight and all that jazz.

Edit: Okay, so I just found out that the next episode of SPN will be on January 14 21 (damn it). WTF? What am I supposed to watch until January? No Leverage, no Psych. Guess I'll watch White Collar...haven't seen the last couple of episodes yet anyway. Still...sucks.


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