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Seriously, it's driving me crazy. And, what's even worse, it's not as if it's all that difficult. It's just tedious and, no, yes, it's kind of difficult. See, there's a kind of review about a restaurant, which is written in a deliberately dull and uninformative style so that we, poor students that we are, can spruce it up a bit.
My problem with it is as follows: They say that we should rewrite the review, "keeping the same structure, but informing the reader and making the restaurant, and your description, sound interesting." But "the same structure"? What does that mean? Keep it at four paragraphs? With the same information (only more) in the respective paragraphs? Or keep the sentence structure mostly the same, except add adjectives and stuff? Because I just want to rewrite the whole thing entirely!
So, the thing is, I don't know what the prof wants. If I leave the sentence structure as is and just put more information in there, it might not be interesting enough. It's certainly not satisfying to write. But at the same time, if I change too much, it might be a problem because I was supposed to leave the bloody structure alone.
All in all, I suspect I'm just driving myself pointlessly insane, when I should just be getting on with this thing.

On a different note. I'm bloody exhausted. I don't even know why. Yesterday I slept till 11am and, as far as I can remember, I didn't go to bed very late yesterday. I think. Maybe midnight? Or half past? Or maybe a bit later after all because I wanted to read a chapter of A Study in Scarlet. Which, btw, I shouldn't even be reading because I have to read Moll Flanders and a fuckload of other stuff (books and papers/articles) for uni. Where was I? Right, tired. Maybe it's the weather. Also, it's already getting dark and it's only 4:15pm.

I've recently watched the new-ish BBC Sherlock. I like. A lot. And even more recently, I've spent lots of time reading all the fanfic that's been written for it. I like that a lot too. Time-consuming though.
Anyway, so this whole Sherlock Holmes liking thing is why I'm giving A Study in Scarlet a try. Because I remember reading a Sherlock Holmes story at some point when I was younger. I can't remember which one, I think that it was German and I also think that maybe I didn't finish it because it was all so improbable and I didn't like Sherlock. I mean, seriously, he could devine from seeing the mud on somebody's shoe that he'd been...whereever he had been. That was just too much. I also never liked Hercule Poirot...and the only story I've ever read with him in it, was a Christmas one, I think...or, well, there was some kind of party or something and somebody played a trick on someone and pretended to be dead. I think Poirot was a co-conspirator. Maybe. Anyway, now I wonder, if maybe Holmes and Poirot are kind of similar characters, but I wouldn't know since I never really read any of their stories.
Long story short...I'm giving Doyle the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I'll like Holmes more now. I'm also reading in English now, so that might help.
I wonder if that story really was in German or not...I wish I remembered how old I was.

Okay, enough procrastination, I guess. I'll just keep the sentence structure the same for now and see how that goes. If I decide it sucks (and if I feel ambitious enough), I can always change it around again.
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